Guys’ Retreat Outline for Talks

Student Ministry is supplemental to the God-given role of discipleship that parents’ have in the lives of their teenagers. We desire to connect with parents so that they know the material covered during our retreat, and will be able to affirm and follow up with the topics discussed. The following is an outline from our two teachers for the weekend, Noah Herritt and Tim Owen.


Talk 1 – Identity 

The question of my identity in Christ is underscored by two questions what is my identity and who is Christ?

This weekend we will look at 4 ideas that contribute to our worldview and how we understand the events in our life.

Identity: Who am I?

Origin, Where do I Come From?

Purpose What am I doing?

Destiny Where am I going?

Key verse Genesis 1:27

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them male and female he created them.”

Your identity can only come from your creator and maker. God said he made us in his image to his likeness and calls us good. We are good. Are nature is Good.

1) You are an Image Bearer, (Imago Dei)

2) Our God is a God of order; Your life has a pattern and a purpose.

3) The relationship (God and man) is Broke, along with the world


Talk 2 Physical Purity (*we will speak in general terms about purity, not explicit in any detail in the areas of sexual immorality. I believe conviction of sin may be a result of this talk, however, and if any student shares a conviction of  sin, we will strongly encourage students to speak with their fathers/parents about their struggle)

Objectives: At the end of this session the participant will have a grasp of the experiential and spiritual basis for the use of PURITY as a weapon in defense of their body and heart.  The session is not intended to address sexual purity by specifics but instead lay the ground work for a follow on session where those needing it can attain the thinking and behavior skills to combat the temptations to leave purity unused and enter sin, in particular of sexual nature.

  1. True Experiences
  2. REAL is Fake-able
  1. RESISTANCE is Fertile
  1. RIGHT is (most) Fulfilling
  • Get it right builds enjoyment
  • Knowing why it is right builds confidence
  • People
  1. False Expectations
  2. Fake ALWAYS Escalates
  • Obsession, Addiction
  • Emotional roots in Chemicals and Biology
  • Fear Factor, Adrenaline
  1. Fertile needs Feeding
  • Harder to Resist (building wrong muscles)
  • Winning a Dog Fight
  1. Fulfillment is NOT Fantasy
  • There’s always a story line
  • Losing grip on Reality
  • Reasoning is not Reckoning
  1. Rule of Humility (Phil 2)
    He brought humility with Him from there that He might face the world here.
  2. Role of Masculinity (Gen 1-2, 3, 20)
    leave, cleave, kinsman redeemer…
  3. Ruggedness of Purity (James 1:27)


  1. PURELY Exercised
  2. Weaponized Purity (we are the
    sling or axe handle)
  3. A Borrowed Weapon (Is 10:15), axe handle
  4. Pick It Up (2 Sam 17)
  5. Build It Up (practice using it)
  6. Sharpen in (Eccl 10:10)
  7. Return to It (Ps 119:1,7,9,11)
    Axe Head 2 Kings 6


(takeaway, follow up activity, devotional overnight):

Purely Exercised

  1. Spiritual and Physical Heb 4:12, Eph 6:10-18
  2. War for Worship Romans 12:1-2, 2 Cor 10:4-15
  3. Violence and Gentleness Mal 2:16, I Pet 3:7
  4. Inside and Outside 2 Cor 7:5, James 4:1, 1 Cor 6:9-11


  1. ENEMY WEAPONS: Wiles (travesty—travel, amid, beside)
    1. Emotional Entanglement

Mutate Strength into Weakness

  1. War WITH purity (2 Cor 6 BY PURITY)
    1. IN
    2. BY
    3. OF
  • Critical Mission Functions
    1. MOVE (Maneuver, Position)
    2. SHOOT (Perform Mission Function)
    3. COMMUNICATE (Control, Coordination, Direction, Instruction)
  1. ARMOR and WEAPONS – 2 Cor 10:4-5
    1. TANK (Personal Human Effort)
      1. ARMOR: Pride, Fear
      2. MOVE – secretive (shame), personal, physical will power
  1. COMM – isolated
  2. Armor to Pick Up: ARMOR OF GOD (Eph 6)
    1. ARMOR: Promises and Faith
    2. MOVE – STAND, FLEE, Return (2 Kings 6)
    3.  (“prayer is not preparation for the battle, it IS the battle!)
  1. COMM—Prayerful Engagement, Fraternal Encouragement
    1. 2 Cor 6: WORSHIP  Exalt Christ through casting down

Lies to Lay it Down

  1. It’s not wrong
  2. I won’t get caught
  3. It isn’t hurting anyone
  4. It doesn’t affect anything else
  5. I can stop when I want
  6. The worst thing is for someone to find out
  7. I can (have to) do this on my own
  8. I can’t confess (it will hurt others)
  9. I can’t be forgiven
  10. I’ll never be clean (pure) again
    1. Eph 6: WORSHIP: Trust Christ through putting ON
    2. Rom 12:1-2 WORSHIP: Desire Christ through living sacrifice


Talk 3 The Temple

After sin took place in the World.  Our Creator God creates a law and gives it to his people. This is law is not mean to restrict but to Flourish. The law of God is given to limit only the evil that corrodes us.

1) The law of God has been giving to you to Protect and Provide

2) God sends a redeemer King to restore the World.

3) Death is a consequence of the Fall. Sin leads to death.

            If you don’t kill your sin your sin will kill you.

4) We are temple of the Living God

5)  Our creator makes Promises

  1. God will live with us
  2. He will receive us
  3. He will be our father
  4. We will be his Sons

2nd Corinthians 7:1 “Therefore since we have these promises let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.


Talk 4 Holiness

1Peter 1:16 “ for it is written be holy because I am Holy”

So what does it mean to be holy?

Holy is set apart

Holy is derived from the Greek word Hagios meaning two things in the bible. Before jesus holy only referred to God being set apart from creation, he is eternally distinct and other than creation in the new testmanet Hagios(holy) means separate and distinct. Peter uses hagios to illustrate that our faith, serts us aprt. Since we have been saved we must change.

Ephesians 5: 1-20

1) Follow Gods example

What was his example

Sacrificial Living

2) purge all evil from within you

What is all evil?

Is it ok to have some evil?

Any evil is improper for Gods holy people.

3) Do not be deceived or dragged down by the people around.

  1. Recognize that all who are unsaved have been deceived.
  2. Recognize that God loves all people and wishes for none to perish.
  3. Recognize that God is Just and he will righteously punish.

4) all Evil is exposed in Light. All bad is exposed by good.

Have nothing to do with the things of darkness

What are the things of darkness?

5) Be optimistic about he future because that are God was the beginning and he is the end. He had given us his spirit as a down payment for our faith and commitment.

6) give thanks to the Lord our God who is righteous.


If you have any questions concerning this outline or our retreat, please contact me. We are praying for an amazing, God-glorifying weekend.

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