Jesus and Jonah: Matthew 12:38-42

Two main truths come from this text, one for unbelievers and one for Christ-followers. ¬† For the unbelievers, the message is that God is not without a sign. The scribes and Pharisees(religious people of the day) demanded a sign that Christ was the Messiah. Throughout chapter 12, however, Jesus does two miracles: healing a man […]

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JONAH 4:1-11

As we finish the book of Jonah, here are some major themes that arise from the text: God’s compassion for a lost city Our selfishness, idolatry, complaining¬† Questioning God’s Will ¬† Part 1- Jonah’s Mad (verses 1-4) Jonah just took part in saving 120,000 people by speaking on behalf of the Lord. But Jonah was […]

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